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  Washington Plantation's Grounds

Ideal for Plantation Weddings

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Washington Plantation Street Sign  Katie's Fountain, Washington Plantation  South Front, Washington Plantation

Lawn and Trees at Washington Plantation  The "Lady Fountain" at Washington Plantation  mini-IMG_8678.JPG (224088 bytes)

mini-IMG_8680.JPG (183451 bytes)  rose garden and fountain  Willow Oak, Washington Plantation

Rose Garden at Washington Plantation  Grounds at Washington Plantation Bed and Breakfast  The Veranda at Washington Plantation

washington plantation south front  Greek Revival Architecture  mini-IMG_8717.JPG (166364 bytes)

mini-IMG_8726.JPG (155327 bytes)  mini-IMG_8727.JPG (138076 bytes) mini-IMG_8738.JPG (218157 bytes)

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